Power so low there were no TV pictures

DESPITE paying ‘colossal amounts’ in electricity bills residents of Wood Lane in Lurgan were extremely unhappy with their supply in December 1967.

They said the power had been understrength since October and had remained that way.

One evening there were power cuts in the area from six o’clock until ten the next morning.

Residents considered that this was the ‘last straw’ and took up the issue with the electricity board.

One resident of Glenview Drive said she constantly had to have the family’s picnic stove on hand because of the cuts.

“When there is a power failure there is terrible inconvenience,” she said. “The fridge de-freezes, the heating goes off and the meals are left uncooked.”

On the Waringstown Road the main complaint was a reduced television picture and flickering lights.

One couple received no picture at all and when it did come on it was half its proper size.

From 6.30 to 9.30 every evening the lights flickered and dimmed.

Another resident suffered similar problems.

“Even the wireless will not work on occasions,” he added.

One woman said she kept candles handy all the time and often her children had to do their homework by candlelight.

An official of the Electricity Board in Lurgan said they wanted to build a new transformer in the town.

“The voltage in the area is the statutory required voltage but when it is very heavily loaded fuses blow and people are left without electricity,” he added.