Pupils at Maralin Primary School

Maralin PS 1959-60
Maralin PS 1959-60

These two pictures are of pupils in 1959-60 at Maralin Primary School.

This picture taken shortly after the new school opened on Steps Road in the village.

The old school was on what is now known as Newforge Road.

Headmaster was Mr Tom Morwood and the teacher was Miss Watson who married the Rev Roland Hutchinson who later became Rector at Maralin.

They are the P3 and P4 pupils, back from left, K. Burns, J. Bingham, B. Costley, T. Waddell, S. Cunningham, Miss Watson, middle from left, M. Carey, T. Spence, T. McGeown, R. Gamble, N. Douglas, R. Wallace, D. Percy, T. Spence, front, H. Bingham, V. Copeland, D. Copeland, H. Spence, E. Copeland, M.McArthur, P. Stokes, K. Wethers, sitting, G. Wethers, I. Hull, B. McClean, S. Donaldson.