Pupils who think of others

THE pupils of Lismore Comprehensive showed their generosity by providing hampers for various organisations and individuals during their Lenten project in 1986.

Throughout lent pupils collected tins and packets of food for people in need and two large hampers were made.

One of these hampers went to Craigavon’s Battered Wive’s Home,

The other one went to the Edward Street Hostel in Portadown.

Smaller individual hampers were also made up and presented to old age pensioners living in the Brownlow area.

Not surprisingly, they were all very grateful.

The collection was organised by the junior conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society which was run by Mrs Elizabeth McNeice and was based at the school.

There was also a daily collection for Trocaire, the third world charity, during lent.

The collection culminated in a sponsored fast from which the money was still coming in during the month of May 1986.