Sinocence launch new album


LURGAN metallers Sinocence are preparing to open their new tour and release their brand new collection ‘No Gods - No Masters’, the long awaited and ambitious sequel to ‘Scar Obscura’.

They kick off the tour this Saturday with a gig at the Limelight in Belfast. Doors open at 4pm and Sinocence will take the stage at 8pm.

Support comes from Honey For Christ, By Any Means, Bakken and Devastate.

Sinocence will also be playing alongside Evile on their last stint in Ireland.

Since the release of the ‘Scar Obscura’, hailed as one of the greatest albums in recent years by Metal Hammer, Kerrang and thousands of reviewers across the globe, the band toured extensively throughout Europe for two years.

Due to the album’s success it was later released as a special edition followed by a tour of the UK that was streamed live across the internet.

The tour had extended its length to three years at this point and with tragedy affecting members of the band and various attempts to have stand-in musicians fill the place of key members, the band stepped out of the public eye until now.

Sinocence recently came in fifth place out of 288 bands worldwide in the ‘tbfm’ competition. The band extended their thanks to everyone who voted and fought their corner.

The band revealed the story behind new disc ‘No Gods - No Masters’.

Bassist Jim Seymour said: “We approached the writing of this album, based on what we had learned through the recording of ‘Scar’ on a much more collective and live approach. We are happy with the result and are very proud of it, although it is considered an EP it is a full length work of music only short of the duration of ‘Scar’.

“This is the main reason we have decided upon a trilogy, as there was just too much to captivate on one album.”

Sinocence have once again addressed issues in their music that raised a public eye and continue to stand behind their approach at questioning sensitive issues.

Moro said: “We have separated these albums by a year each and by topic. They are intended to stand as a collective trilogy and address issues in our lives, and everyone else’s, who cares to listen as a full body of work. They are all topically interlinked despite their variation.”

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