Soccer star falls foul of angry householder

Soccer star Neil Lennon was brought back to earth with a bump when he visited the town in 1997 according to one story.

Then a first team regular with Leicester City he was visiting family and friends.

In the Shankill area of the town he soon found himself a centre of attraction as young people gathered around him to chat.

Without much persuasion he was soon enjoying kicking a ball around with the youngsters.

But not everyone was up to date on the soccer front and there were some who did not appreciate football on their doorstep.

Suddenly out stormed a local lady who was soon on the attack and Neil Lennon was advised to demonstrate a greater maturity instead of playing football with children.

He was told in no uncertain terms that his presence might lead to disruptions.

The crowd were aghast when 
the lady issued her final 
demand: “Take that ball and 
away and play around your own front door.”