Teenagers shock for shoppers

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MIDWEEK shoppers were shocked to see a pair of teenage girls staggering crazily along High Street in Lurgan one afternoon in 1983.

To all intents and purposes the girls were oblivious to the world around them as they as they ambled ‘drunkenly’ past shoppers after what seemed to have been a bout of glue sniffing.

The girls cursed and swore freely at passersby, obviously unconcerned about the stir they were causing. A passing motorist was given a two fingered salute.

This was the latest manifestation of a problem that had been dogging both the police and general public.

And the number of incidents arising directly out of the glue sniffing binges were increasing rapidly.

However with very similar effects it was difficult to say whether some of the young ‘drunks’ had been taking alcohol or sniffing solvents.

Teenage drunkenness of one kind or another had always been a problem in the town.

Even before glue sniffing became prevelant, youngsters were already finding pleasures from their bottle.

Buckfast, the tonic wine brewed by monks, lost its medicinal appeal as teeny tipplers found it a cheap, effective way of escaping from the realities of life.

The distinctive green shard of broken ‘Buckie’ bottles lined park paths and many of the town’s less congested streets.