Three year old deaf boy is reunited with favourite dog

A three year old deaf boy had a happy reunion thanks to the ‘Mail’ and an Aghalee family in 1983.

A one year old Labrador dog, named Jill, had been missing for five weeks.

It was the boy’s favourite companion and he was heartbroken when Jill went missing.

However, the dog was found by a woman in Aghalee who remembered the story in the ‘Mail’.

“The dog just turned up on the doorstep out of the blue,” she said. “It was a Labrador and in very good condition.

“I noticed it was very good with children and then I remembered the story.”

The boy’s mother said she had travelled for miles looking for Jill while the youngster had pined all the time the dog was away.

He had been born deaf and although the family had other dogs, Jill was the only one he would play with.

Said his mum: “He nearly went mad every time he saw a Labrador. It was really heartbreaking.

“He was only 1lb loz at birth but it was only this year that he had improved. We put that improvement down to having Jill.”

Because of Jill’s return the boy could venture outside to play again. He was never allowed out by himself in case he got hurt.

Jim protected him and they were always playing together.