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Michelle Doran. INLM2212-113gc
Michelle Doran. INLM2212-113gc

MICHELE Doran has been on the committee of Lurgan Show for the past 11 years.

When she first volunteered to help out with the organisation of the park show she had no idea how much work was involved.

“I had taken a career break from banking and wanted to keep my mind ticking over,” said Michele.

“To say it keeps you very busy is an understatement.”

43-year-old Michele has a part time job at First Trust bank in Portadown and a full time job looking after her children - Peter (14), Leah (12) and Kathryn (9).

She is married to Phillip and they live in Dungannon. Michele’s mother Jean Mitchell grew up in Lurgan.

Michele is a former member of the Ulster Operatic Society, where she first met Peter Corry who will be playing an open air concert in the park on Friday night.

Michele’s hobbies include watching her son play rugby, cricket and golf and shopping with her two girls and her husband’s credit card!

What do you like doing on your day off?

Spending time with my family - preferably up at the North Coast.

What would you do with a million pounds?

Pay off the mortgage and give some to family, friends and charity. Plus buy lots of designer handbags!

If you could visit any time in history, which would you chose and why?

Well as Titanic and Lurgan Show were both launched in 1912 it would have to be as a passenger on Titanic - only as a first class one though and one who definitely made one of the life boats!

What is your dream holiday?

I have always wanted to visit Iceland or The Maldives - hope hubby takes note!

Slob or clean freak? Why do you say that?

Definitely Clean Freak - ask my work colleagues or children!

Your biggest fashion disaster?

In my early teens - a giant neon pink sloppy joe jumper - What was I thinking of!

If you ruled the world what would you do first?

Try to create peace - a huge task!

If you were an animal what would you be and why?

I think a dog as I am loving and very loyal

What’s Your favourite website?

Not very computer literate but definitely not Facebook (or wastebook as my friend renamed it!)


Film - Four Weddings & A Funeral

CD - Anything by Take That although I am listening to Peter Corry CDs just now and getting hooked!

Car - BMW convertible or anything sporty!

Book - Any good chick flick!

Actor - Liam Neeson

Actress - Julia Roberts

Drink - Has to be a Rose wine - especially if served in Bennett’s Bar in Portadown at lunchtime on a Friday (Hope my manager doesn’t read this!)