Travellers complete a 30 day tour of Europe

Alison Graham admiring the scenery in Liechtenstein. INLM0413-207
Alison Graham admiring the scenery in Liechtenstein. INLM0413-207

THREE young travellers from Lurgan completed a whistlestop tour in 1989 that took in 13 countries in just 30 days.

Geoffrey Black, Alison Graham and her brother Mark covered a total of 10,600km which included 47 different journeys.

“It really was a fantastic experience,” said Geoffrey. “It’s a great way to see some of the world.”

Their first stop was France and then on to Spain before a visit to Monaco where Prince Rainer was celebrating 40 years on the throne.

“All the shops were closed apart from the tourist ones but that’s just as well,” said Geoffrey.

“Everything was so expensive that I don’t think we would have bought much anyway. A tin of coke, for example, cost the equivalent of a £1.”

Another long journey via rail and they were in Venice where they stayed for three days.

After a visit to Rome it was full steam ahead to West Germany before moving on to Belgium and Luxembourg.

They returned to Spain and before heading home had a last look at Paris before getting the ferry to Rosslare.

But, despite the relentless travelling involved, Geoffrey said it was one of the most rewarding things he had ever done.

“I would recommend it to anyone,” he added. “We got to meet so many interesting people and saw so many things even if we did have to rough it from time to time.”