10th birthday for Slimming World

Lauren aged 22.
Lauren aged 22.

Slimming World Consultant Jill Ellis launched her first group in Moira back on April 19, 2008, in St John’s Parish Centre and celebrates ten successful years this month.

Jill said: “I really can’t believe it has been ten years. I became a consultant after losing 3st 7lbs myself on a plan that was so generous and easy to do that it was hard to believe it worked. Helping others to discover this and be successful in changing their lives was the main reason for taking on the role.

“I also thought the at the time that the part-time role would help support my daughter through university, it did. Looking back now it’s hard to believe that my career would change completely. I was a civil servant at the time I ran my group and it was easy to manage full time work and run a group.

“The opportunity was always there for progression at some stage and when I was offered early release from the civil service it seemed the ideal way to go. I became a Team Developer in 2011 and manage a team of ten consultants who look after 23 groups in the Lagan Valley area. It’s a fantastic role, supporting the consultants and meeting members on their weight loss journey.”

All Slimming World Consultants are recruited from within groups and have had a weight loss struggle themselves. Jill is always interested in hearing of potential venues and consultants to improve the options for members to attend groups.

“It’s always good to hear about our members. One of our younger members Lauren, 22, has really changed her life for the better. Lauren joined group in September 2016 and to date has lost over five stone. Lauren is a staff nurse working with stroke patients.

Lauren said: “I really changed my whole lifestyle and my attitude towards food. I was snacking on the wrong types of foods, junk foods and high calorie snacks for a short term hit but now I’m eating satisfying, filling, healthy, meals three times a day to keep me full and satisfied.”

Jills groups run in St John’s Parish Centre, Main Street, Moira on Thursdays at 9.30am, 5pm and 7pm every week. The group will be celebrating their 10th Birthday with a taster party at each session on April 19. Any former and current members or anyone interested in finding out what it’s all about is very welcome to come and join in. Jill can be contacted on 07709 301686.