£130,000 worth of drugs seized

Craigavon Courthouse.
Craigavon Courthouse.

A package intercepted at Stansted airport on its way from Spain to an address in Portadown contained drugs valued at £130,000, a court heard yesterday.

Three men were arrested on Monday as a result of the combined operation between the PSNI and the National Crime Association.

Two of the accused had their bail applications refused and the other person did not apply for bail on Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Kenny Hui Tan (53), Tandragee Road, Portadown, is charged with unlawful possession of herbal cannabis on October 12, being concerned in the supply of a class B drug and unlawful possession of cannabis.

Rong Zeng (41), Orangefield Close, Armagh, is accused of possession of criminal property on October 12 and being in the UK unlawfully in breach of a deportation order.

The third defendant, Cao Jiahuan (29), Clonavon Avenue, Portadown, is also charged with being in the UK illegally and unlawfully importing cannabis. He did not make an application for

All three were remanded in custody to appear on videolink at Craigavon court on November 11.

A PSNI detective constable said that on October 12 in a joint operation with the NCA they went to an address at Clonavon Avenue in Portadown.

It concerned six and a half kilograms of drugs valued at £130,000.

A search was carried out and Jiahuan was arrested. While police were at the address Tang arrived. A search revealed a black bin bag in the boot of his car. It contained vacuum packs which had remnants of cannabis in them.

At Tang’s address at the Tandragee Road police found Zeng who had between £3,000 and £4,000 in a pair of trousers belonging to him. He claimed he had won the money at roulette tables in Armagh.

Objecting to bail the detective alleged the accused were part of an organised international crime gang and there was a risk of flight.ths.

A barrister representing Tang said he had living in this jurisdiction since 1997 and was employed part-time in a Chinese takeaway.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates refused bail.