20th anniversary of popular archery club

The IFAA Level 3 Instructor Course, held at Kilmore archery Centre in October last year.
The IFAA Level 3 Instructor Course, held at Kilmore archery Centre in October last year.

Kilmore Archery Centre is marking its 20th anniversary by hosting a training camp run by one of the world’s top Archery trainers.

The centre, based in Moira and run by Wellesley McGown, and previously his late wife Phoebe, has attracted aspiring archers from all over the country since its inception all those years ago.

To celebrate this fantastic milestone the club’s members have been given the opportunity to host and participate in a training academy at the Kilmore premises - led by the world famous Larry Wise.

Wellesley said: “It is going to be a special event, there will be coaches from different clubs across Northern Ireland who hope to take back what they have learned to their own clubs.

“He is one of the top coaches in the world, he has coached in different countries around the world and is well known.”

Archers are also coming from Portugal, Scotland and all over Ireland and Northern Ireland to attend this prestigious event and take part in the celebrations of the 20 year birthday.

Wellesley is the IFAA international representative - a level 3 coach and the NIFAA President - helping to put Northern Ireland on the archery map and was instrumental in bringing the European championships to Lisburn in 2020 - an event in which over 600+ archers from all over Europe will be competing.

This year alone Kilmore club members have shot, or will shoot in, Budapest, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland and Las Vegas.

Wellesley added: “We started the club back in 1998, with five members and built it up to around 50 members now. They come and go, some people try it for a few years, we get new members every year.”