£2m in drugs off E District streets

DRUGS with an estimated value of more than £2 million have been seized by officres in E District between April 2012 and February this year.

Cannabis remains the most popular drug. There were 3,074 seizers of the illicit substance, totalling 751,988 grams of resin, herbal canabais plants and drugs.

The use of herbal cannabis is more prominent in E District, with 109,981 grams seized by the police over the 11-month period.

Traditionally it has often been difficult to smuggle cannabis into the country. However, it appears that cannabis is now being grown in ‘normal’ homes throughout the area.

It seems that growing cannabis indoors is fast becoming a past time for many.

The increase in cannabis growing in residential properties is thought to be because of how easy it is to do. Even someone without any prior experience of growing cannabis plants can grow a successful crop without much effort.

In order to combat this trend, police say they have launched a series of raids on local properties which have often led to prosecutions.

New statistics show that out of all five police districts, it is E District where the growth and distribution of cannabis remains the biggest problem.

The statistic indicates that there may be a growing number of people in the area becoming addicted to the substance. This causes concern because cannabis often leads to the use of more addictive drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

The use of the Mephedrone also appears to be most prevalent in this district with 2,310 grams of the powder seized last year.

The so-called ‘party drug’, which often goes by the street name of ‘meow meow’ is thought to be highly addictive, with its long term effects still not fully known.