41 penalty notices are issued to litter and dog fouling offenders

Craigavon Borough Council’s environmental wardens issued 41 fixed penalty notices in September as they continue their zero approach on litter and dog fouling.  

Four court prosecutions were also made against people who still refuse to pick up after their dogs or insist on throwing down their litter. This brings the total number of penalty notices issued since April 2013 to 329 and 14 court prosecutions.  

“Our stance on litter is strong - it simply will not be tolerated,” said Alderman Arnold Hatch, chair of environmental services. “If you are served with a fixed penalty notice and do not pay it, the council will follow it up - it will not simply be forgotten. You will be taken to court to face the consequences if you are caught littering or allowing you dog to foul and do not pay the fine.”  

The fine for littering is £80 and for dog fouling £50. The public can also report offenders by calling 028 3831 2400 or by using the Environmental Crime Report form at www.craigavon.gov.uk You will be asked for your name and address, contact details, the date, time and location.