A busy day for crashes

IT was a busy Sunday for police in Lurgan early in 1967.

On a day which was labelled ‘Crash Sunday’ they had to deal with two bad accidents.

First a car, containing five sailors from HMS Whitby, which was travelling from Dungannon left the road and ended up in a field.

A continual stream of motorist spectators stopped to view the wreck.

At one stage vehicles were parked on both sides of the main Lurgan to Portadown Road and there was scarcely enough room for two lines of moving traffic to pass.

The sailors’ car had apparently struck the kerb on the left hand side, mounted the footpath, crashed into a tree, tore through a hedge and somersaulted to drop 12 feet into a field.

The driver received back injuries and the front seat passenger sustained head injuries and a fractured leg.

A third passenger was treated for shock and the other two were uninjured. The car was wrecked.

Later in the day a passing motorist crashed into a vehicle which had stopped at the scene.

A similar accident occurred at the temporary traffic lights further along the road.

A vehicle stopped and another vehicle crashed into it.

On the Gilford Road two vehicles were badly damaged in an accident.

A Vauxhall Victor car crashed in the rear of a Morris Minor which was parked at the side of the road.