A draughts revival

THE game of draughts was making a revival in Lurgan in 1967.

The players were gathering at The Commercial Bar (McGreavey’s) at 37 Church Place on a Monday night.

The revival was started when Mr Charlie Byrne, who managed the bar, was ‘rummaging’ around in the attic and came upon some old, but very well preserved, draught boards.

So he decided to “ask a few of the boys if they would fancy taking the game up again.”

Some of those who played were John McAlinden, Gerry McGibbon, Harry O’Neill and William Martin.

William was from the old school and admitted that draughts was an older man’s game.

“You can sit back and relax and use your brains. It’s less energetic than slinging darts at a board or slinging bowls down a green,” he said.

It was hoped that the Lurgan Draughts League would soon be formed.

The game was also being played at the Castle Lounge, also in Church Place.