A midsummer murder mystery takes hold at Navan Fort

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King Conor has invited you to the Navan Centre and Fort on June 23 with all his clans to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Before the food can be served old rivalry between the clans has erupted leading to this murder!

To add to the mystery, the victim dies before he can name the perpetrator!

As the Summer Solstice draws to a close so does the life of a young warrior, a murder has been committed!

Entering the feasting hall with a dagger to his back; who has committed this cruel act?

However, King Conor will not allow this to stop the celebrations but he wants the villain caught!

Can you help solve this curious case?

Event begins at 7.30pm and admission is £24.00 per adult, children £12.00 (suitable for 12 years +)

A two-course meal with tea and coffee will be served on the evening.

Booking is essential on www.armagh.co.uk/solstice or call 028 3752 9644.