Absenteeism at senior level

Almost half of employees absent from senior staff at Craigavon Borough Council cited stress, depression or mental health as a reason why they were off.

A total of 46 days were lost over the past year due to these reasons in figures released this week.

The second highest number of days off was 11 where infections were cited as a reason for being

In the Chief Executive’s office 35 days were lost to illness. In February two employees were off a total of 20 days.

In the Members Services Unite 42 days were lost to illness. One staff member was off for three days, another 19 days and another 21 days.

A total of 15% of staff were off for neurological reasons with 15 days being lost, three were absent due to back pain and five for ear, nose and eye issues.

The Chief Executive’s department had spent £1k on overtime, agency and casual staff to the end of January and was overspent by £13k in its overall employee costs budget, according to minutes of the Council’s Policy and Resources Committee.