Action call on Gilford Mill

Sydney Anderson MLA at Oakridge.
Sydney Anderson MLA at Oakridge.

Action must be taken to redevelop Gilford Mill, a local MLA has said.

DUP MLA Sydney Anderson Said: “I have recently been down to the Gilford Mill site along with council officials when we were discussing the Gilford Riverside Regeneration Project.

“Having met with the council officials I firmly believe that there is a great opportunity for the ABC Council to consider taking ownership of the Mill. Gilford Mill is the centre piece of Gilford village and taking ownership of the site would allow for opportunities to see further revitalisation and development of the Gilford area. This would ultimately bring untold benefits to the local community.”

Mr Anderson continued: “I have worked alongside local community groups in the village for some time and they are very keen to see the issue of Gilford Mill’s future being resolved. There is a real opportunity to turn a dormant piece of history into an exciting development project for current and future generations to enjoy.

“I now hope that action is taken in the near future to ensure that Gilford Mill plays a prominent role in the village as we move forward.”