Action on Lake Street eyesore is welcomed

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News of a clean-up for the former Clendinning site has been accompanied by a call for the site to be used for social housing.

Craigavon Borough Council Deputy Mayor, Catherine Seeley, has welcomed the council’s decision to step in and fund the cleaning up of the derelict site on Lake Street.

The Sinn Fein councillor said, “This site is an eyesore and it should be emphasised that the primary responsibility for the security and maintenance of the site rests with the owner.

“However, the site remains an eyesore and a major cause of concern to residents of the area who have worked hard to improve the environment of North Lurgan”.

Councillor Seeley continued, “My colleagues and I have made numerous representations to the owners of the site and to statutory agencies, in a bid to have this site cleaned and secured.

“We again raised the issue with Council officials and through a Council committee specifically tasked with funding legacy projects for Craigavon Council, money was secured to fund the cleaning up of the site and the securing of the property.”

Concluding Councillor Seeley said, “I am delighted this funding has been secured and would urge a speedy removal of any red tape which may stand in the way of the money being spent to secure the derelict property and to clean the site.

“We will continue to lobby for the site to be properly secured and for the building of much needed social and affordable housing.”