Addicts are to receive help from Solas group

Depressed Alcoholic --- Image by � Scott Gibson/Corbis
Depressed Alcoholic --- Image by � Scott Gibson/Corbis

A new group is being set up in the town for people affected by addiction, homelessness and mental health issues.

Solas will be a service user group giving people affected by these issues a chance to come and share their experiences.

The Social Enterprise Hub on Market Street will provide a safe environment for people to come together over a welcoming cup of coffee, tea and a listening ear.

Solas Lurgan will be hosting an open day in the Social Enterprise Hub, on Tuesday, June 30, from 2pm-4.30pm. Everyone is welcome.

There will be speakers, music and light refreshments on the day, along with representatives from various agencies.

Solas are also planning to host regular meetings in the future, for those whose lives have been impacted by drugs, alcohol, homelessness and mental health issues - to allow them to share their experiences and receive information about where to find help.

For the organisers, the aim is that the group can provide a beacon of hope for those in need and will be able to reach out to all.

The group is very much locally based with local man, Donal McCarron, at its head.

Donal is being supported by community worker, Ciara Lavery, from The Way2Go Project. Ciara is also local to the area, and is experienced in working with many of the issues surrounding drug and alcohol abuse.

The Regional Service User Network (RSUN) was set up to support and establish new service user groups across the country. Through working with Donal and other services in the Southern Trust, the need has been identified for something new, which will compliment existing services.

Solas is a group that can support people in need, and can provide links to other appropriate services.

Come and join them for a laid-back, relaxed afternoon in support of Solas Lurgan Service User Group.

The first of the regular meetings will take place on August 3 at 7pm in the Social Enterprise Hub, and is open to all who have been affected by addiction, homelessness and mental health.