Admitted damaging speaker box

Court gavel
Court gavel

A criminal damage case against a 37-year-old man was adjourned last Friday to find out if he had already paid for the damage he caused.

John Paul Whitla admitted damaging a Sony speaker box belonging to Tescos on March 27 this year.

His address on the summons was Chestnutt Place, Banbridge, but the court was told that he was moving to a new address at Drumellan Mews, Craigavon.

A public prosecutor said that police received a complaint from Tescos that packaging of a Sony speaker had been destroyed. It came to £109 and the item was not fit for re-sale.

A barrister representing the defendant said that his client had mental health issues and on this occasion he was having an episode which he took out on the box.

The barrister said he understood that Whitla had paid for the damage.

He added that his client had recently been the victim of a very serious assault and has an appointment to go and get his jaw fixed. The case was adjourned until October 14 – when Whitla was in court for other matters – to see if the £109 had been paid.