Advice on a safe night out

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Police are asking people to think ahead and remember the ‘get home safe’ message to ensure that those who leave their homes for a good night out, return safely.

Chief Inspector Davy Beck said: “People should put as much thought into planning how they will get home as they did for their night out.

“Try to arrange a lift home with a friend or family member and, if going out in company, try to ensure you have a non-drinking driver. The services of licensed taxi drivers can also be used.

“It is also important that people out with friends stay together. There are just too many risks in going home alone. It is not just the victims of drink-fuelled assault who can suffer, people who walk the roads and streets after having had too much to drink stand a much greater chance of being killed or injured by vehicles.

“The message is ‘take care of your friends’ stay together and if one of your company is a bit ‘the worse for wear’ then look after them. Arrange how you are going to get home before you go. It can also be an idea to phone home at the end of the night to let someone know you are on your way and how you intend getting there.

“We are committed to working with partner agencies, including licensees and voluntary groups to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and, more importantly, safe night out.

Hospitality Ulster Chief Executive Colin Neill said: “Many of our towns enjoy a vibrant nightlife, and we want to ensure everybody has a great experience and comes back. We work with the PSNI and other groups, including taxi firms to support safer socialising.”