Advice on handling cold callers

PSNI E District Crime Prevention Officers are reminding householders to be vigilant of cold calling and check the credentials of any person who calls to your door.

Crime Prevention Officer Michelle Wilson said: “Criminals use cold calling as a way to gain entry to your home or to pressurise you to buy goods or services at highly inflated prices. Of course we recognise that not all cold callers are rogue traders or criminals, however, we want every householder, particularly the more vulnerable, to have the confidence to refuse services they do not require or want.

“If someone you do not know calls to your door use the ‘Lock, Chain, Check’ routine. Lock all doors when not in use and use a door chain or bar when opening the door to callers.

“Check the identity of callers before opening the door. Ensure that back doors are locked before answering or opening the front door. If unsure about the caller, do not open the door and do not let them enter your home.”

“If uncertain about the caller, the QUICK CHECK scheme can be used to check the identity of callers by telephoning Free phone 0800 013 22 90.

“You may also want to consider making your neighbourhood a no cold calling zone.”

Packs with No Cold Calling stickers and leaflets are available by contacting your local crime prevention officer. Contact 101 for details.