Agreement on gritting

Council workers were out in force to clear the town centre pavements of snow in December 2010. INLM4811-131gc
Council workers were out in force to clear the town centre pavements of snow in December 2010. INLM4811-131gc

CRAIGAVON Council have entered into a local agreement with Roads Service to grit pavements in designated areas of Lurgan and Legahory following heavy snow falls or prolonged freezing this winter.

During the extreme weather experienced last winter, Council assisted Roads Service in clearing and gritting pavements in the town centre - but only after paths were left in an icy state for a number of days.

An agreement was made with Roads Service at that time to grit the pavements when there are “extreme conditions following heavy snowfalls or prolonged freezing”.

Council then assisted with ice and snow removal from footways and pedestrian areas.

The terms of the agreement are the same as last year in that the works will only be carried out by Council when they receive a request from Roads Service and in circumstances when it is practicable for Council to respond.

Mayor of Craigavon, Councillor Alan Carson, said: “The agreement Council has made with Roads Service is that we will help out during ‘extreme weather conditions’ and we will carry out our promise as detailed in the agreement should the weather take a turn for the worse again. However, the normal day-to-day gritting service is provided by Roads Service.

“Craigavon Borough Council employees pulled out all the stops during the extreme weather conditions last year to ensure the town was cleared of snow and ice and safe for pedestrians to walk and we will ensure we can help out when we can this year.”

Divisional Roads Manager, Kevin Monaghan, welcomed the Council’s agreement to carry out the works and acknowledged the commitment shown by the Council to ensure that busy town centre footways remain clear of snow and ice.

“I would like to express our appreciation to Council and welcome the positive approach taken by Council both during last winter’s severe weather and also their plans for this year,” he said.

The agreement has been welcomed by president of Lurgan Chamber of Trade, Charlie Gardiner: “This is a very positive development and should the weather turn cold will mean we are not faced with the same problems as last year.”