Aisling gets to grips with political debate

NINE year old Aisling Gardiner had a visit to Stormont recently.

The determined young girl was invited to learn about the political system after writing a letter to the Northern Ireland Children’s commissioner.

The letter addressed an issue which most parents have probably heard from their children at some point.

“There is a day dedicated to mothers, a day dedicated to fathers and a day dedicated to pensioners, so surely there should be a day dedicated to children too?”

The idea is that on Child Appreciation Day, children “can do as they want and be free.”

Although the letter did say that children could not ask their parent “to buy something extremely expensive” or ask for anything else inappropriate or unapproved.

Aisling also stated in her letter that “on Child Appreciation Day, everyone should donate at least £1 to any child-related charity”.

While at Stormont Aisling was greeted by many MLAs and given advice on the political process and shown how to lobby new ideas.

So with Aisling’s determination and new found knowledge there might just be a ‘Child Appreciation Day’ at some point in the future.