Alcohol seized in antisocial behaviour clampdown

Drink being disposed of after Saturday night's patrols. INPT06
Drink being disposed of after Saturday night's patrols. INPT06

Police seized and disposed of a large amount of alcohol in the Meadow Lane and Garvaghy Road areas of Portadown on Saturday night.

They also had to contact parents to collect their children “who were heavily intoxicated” and help the Ambulance Service with another young person who was “extremely drunk”.

Officers were on patrol using quads and body worn video following recent antisocial behaviour and organised fights.

Writing on social media, they said there were very few people causing anti-social behaviour, which they were glad to see.

However, they said they will continue to patrol these areas and confiscate alcohol from anyone under the age of 18.

They said, “There are many reasons why young people should not be drinking alcohol. The effects can be devastating and can have a long term effect on their health/career.

“Every weekend we are out patrolling we come across young intoxicated people who have vomited over themselves, have wet themselves and have been left lying on their own where they could choke or freeze to death.

“Alcohol affects judgement which in turn can lead to risky behaviour, decision making, distorted vision, coordination, the list goes on.”

On a lighter note, they also thanked “two young gentlemen” who helped them get one of the quads restarted.