Alert as water bomb gangs on rampage in Kilwilkie

Craigavon Sinn Fein Councillor Noel McKeown. INLM1412-105gc
Craigavon Sinn Fein Councillor Noel McKeown. INLM1412-105gc

A SINN Fein Councillor has called for a ban on water bombs as 30-strong gangs of youths bombard motorists and pedestrians in Kilwilkee.

Cllr Noel McGeown said firing the water- filled balloons onto the windscreen of a car could temporarily blind the driver and have fatal consequences.

He urged shop owners to consider the duty of care that they owe to the wider public when they sell water balloons.

The councillor said he had received numerous complaints from both pedestrians and motorists who had been bombarded by water bombs along Levin Road.

“Over the past week groups of young people in their very early teens and younger have been gathering in the alley-ways beside the walls on Levin Road. The youths, who at times number up to thirty strong, are systematically attacking passing vehicles.”

Cllr McGeown said he has no doubt that the youths see this as harmless fun and have little or no idea of the dangers that they were creating.

“Leaving aside the fact that many of the balloons which missed their target ended up soaking local residents, there is a serious accident waiting to happen here. One of these water balloons bursting on the windscreen of a car can temporarily blind the driver with potentially fatal results.

“The young people involved see their actions as a bit of fun and cannot be expected to appreciate the dangers they are causing.

“Those who sell the balloons in the first place can understand this type of danger and I would appeal to them to stop selling these items now before we have a serious accident.”