Alpha course in town

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AN Alpha course, which offers an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a Catholic context will begin next Friday (September 16) at 7pm in Mount Zion House.

The course is designed primarily for people who aren’t church goers, to help them understand the Christian faith.

The course is based around small groups of around 12 people.

Each week, the talk looks at a different aspect of the Christian faith, followed by a discussion.

There is no charge for attending the Alpha course, although you may be asked to contribute towards food.

One person who attended the course said: “I was brought up a Catholic.

“After completing the Alpha course, I am now a better Catholic.”

Another said: “Alpha makes Christianity relevant to modern life.”

To register, visit your local parish office or Mount Zion House.

For further information, contact Danny on 07707 659 479, Peter on 07908 969950 or Hugh on 07739 430 722.