Anderson attends the DUP Manifesto launch

Upper Bann DUP Assembly candidate Sydney Anderson attended the launch of the DUP Manifesto for the upcoming election at the Spectrum Centre, Belfast recently

Mr Anderson stated, “I was delighted to join with party colleagues from across Northern Ireland at the launch of our Manifesto recently. The DUP are running 44 candidates across the country and it is encouraging that we are all able to bring a positive vision to the people across the province.

“Personally I am relishing the opportunity to speak with as many as possible on the campaign trail in the coming weeks about Arlene Foster’s plan for a stronger Northern Ireland.

“Our Manifesto plan will be the backbone of our election campaign and is our party’s pledge to the country for the next Assembly term. It reflects the hopes and aspirations of people all across Northern Ireland and seeks to meet the needs of the next generation.

“Our Manifesto is built around five key points which include prioritising spending on the Health Service, continuing to create more jobs and increase incomes which will be aided with the reduction of Corporation Tax to 12.5% from April 2018 and protecting family budgets.”

Sydney Anderson continued by stating, “Additionally, the other key points are raising standards in education which includes building an education system that does not play favourites, but is fair to every sector, every school and every child and the final key point is investment in infrastructure for the future which involves constructing new schools, new roads and new hospitals so that Northern Ireland is prepared as we move forward.

“To see these positive plans put into place it is vital that the public put their trust in Arlene Foster and DUP candidates such as myself right across Northern Ireland. As a party we are now committed to going forth and selling our five point plan in an effort to strengthen our great country as we seek to lay the foundations for Northern Ireland’s future.”

Upper Bann DUP Assembly candidate Sydney Anderson also has called for greater protections to be provided for the elderly and vulnerable in our society.

Mr Anderson stated, “Our party’s 2016 Assembly election manifesto puts across our desire to see an increase in the maximum period imprisonment for offences involving violence or neglect directed against the elderly or vulnerable. Crimes carried out against older people in our society should not be taken lightly. In 2013 police investigated almost 4,800 attacks on people aged 65 and over. Shockingly only four per cent of these incidents resulted in someone being charged. As one who has served as a political representative for some time I am well aware of how crimes against the elderly or vulnerable have scarred our community.

“Within our own constituency of Upper Bann numerous disgusting attacks have been conducted against older people in recent years. Each time I hear news of an attack on an elderly or a vulnerable person I am enraged and so is the wider community. A very strong feeling exists broadly in our society that more needs to be done to clamp down and do all that is possible to eradicate such heinous acts.”