Anderson welcomes £250,000 investment

Sydney Anderson
Sydney Anderson

An investment of £250,000 per year to promote community resuscitation across Northern Ireland has been welcomed by Upper Bann DUP Assembly candidate Sydney Anderson.

Mr Anderson stated, “I fully welcome this worthwhile investment from the Health Minister Simon Hamilton and I am aware that new money from the Transformation Fund will be used to establish a regional team of Community Resuscitation Development Officers.

“Every year in Northern Ireland approximately 1,400 people suffer from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and only 10% of them survive.

“Ultimately CPR and early defibrillation are the two interventions that will allow an individual to survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and as such carrying out CPR can double a casualty’s chances of survival. It is important that awareness is raised about resuscitation so that the number of people with CPR training can increase.

“The Community Resuscitation Development Officers will play a key role in increasing the number of people who are trained to intervene and who will be prepared to step into action if necessary.”