Appeal on gorse fires in Brownlow area

A WARNING has been issued to those deliberately starting grass fires in the Brownlow area at the weekend to stop and consider the consequences of their actions.

Firefighters from Lurgan Fire Station had to attend a number of small gorse fires in the area on Sunday and the PSNI stamped out a fire on Thursday.

At around 7pm on Sunday, a fire appliance had to be called to the Brownlow area to extinguish a number of fires in the area.

And the PSNI said they received a report of a fire on waste ground close to Roundabout Two at 8.20pm which they were able to put out.

Police also said they were told of two grass fires close to paths on Brownlow Road around 5.15pm. Officers and NIFRS attended and the fires were extinguished.

Sgt Alwyn Peters, Brownlow NPT, said: “We want everyone to be able to enjoy the improved weather without fear of fires in their local recreation areas. We believe the two recent fires were started deliberately however, it is also the case that with dry weather conditions some fires are started accidentally through carelessness and so we are asking people to be vigilant when out and about and to remember that fires can easily start.

“If you see a fire in the countryside or any grassy area please report it immediately to NIFRS and don’t attempt to tackle fires that cannot be put out with no more than a bucket of water.

“I would also ask anyone involved in starting these fires to consider the consequences of their actions.”

Dale Ashford, Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service said: “People need to realise that we simply cannot be in two places at once and fighting gorse fires mean that fire appliances and firefighters are diverted from other potentially life threatening emergency incidents in the local community.”

Anyone with information in relation to these fires can contact police in Craigavon on 0845 600 8000.