Armed robbers plan to hit village

A FIND of knives and balaclavas may have foiled a robbery in Waringstown, it’s been claimed.

The ‘MAIL’ has learned that two knives, a pair of balaclavas and a roll of polythene bags were found in a garden of a house on the Mill Hill last Wednesday.

According to a ‘MAIL’ source the items were hidden there to be recovered at a later date by would-be armed robbers.

The source told the ‘MAIL’: “Towards the end of last week, a dagger in a sheath and a balaclava were discovered hidden in a garden in Mill Hill. A follow up search discovered another dagger and balaclava along with a roll of polythene bags hidden in the same vicinity.

“I’d say these items would have been secreted pending a robbery and were stashed in order to be available at or near the scene without being transported by car, thus frustrating any possibility of search by police.

“Immediately after the crime they would typically hide the tools of the trade again.”

Police in Lurgan confirmed that a number of suspicious items were discovered in debris in the garden of a house in the Mill Hill area on November 16, adding that police have recovered the items.

Local MLA Jo-Anne Dobson commented: “I am pleased to hear from the PSNI that these dangerous weapons have been recovered and are therefore no-longer in the possession of criminal elements.”

The Ulster Unionist politician added: “Sadly, I am aware that there have been a number of recent burglaries in the local area and would appeal to everyone to be vigalent and report any suspicious activity immediately to the police.”