Assaulted two nurses who were treating him

Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom, law and justice concept.
Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom, law and justice concept.

A 54-year-old man who assaulted two nurses who were treating him was jailed for two months last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Valerijs Denjanovics, Dingwell Park, Lurgan, had pleaded guilty at a previous court to two charges of common assault on females on March 13 last year.

No details of what happened during the incident were outlined at the court.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said the report indicated the defendant claimed he was suffering from hallucinations.

A defence barrister said her client was in the process of alcohol withdrawals at the time and he had a long standing history of alcohol abuse but was currently abstaining.

Judge Kelly said these were serious offences as Denjanovics had assaulted two members of the nursing staff who were treating him.

His barrister added he was well aware custody was a real possibility but asked the judge to give him credit for his plea of guilty and said probation had highlighted ways they could work with him.

She stated there had been no further offending since this incident and there was nothing in the pipeline.

The assaults had taken place on the third day of seven or eight days he had spent in the hospital and there was no further incident.

Judge Kelly said the NHS was one of the most revered, if not the most revered, institutions they had and human beings operated a 24 hour service ‘for our benefit’.

She told the defendant anyone will be admitted to hospital and receive proper treatment ‘even if you are a pathetic alcoholic who cannot stay sober to prevent himself from being admitted to hospital’.

The judge added: “I send people to prison for being disorderly in a hospital and he has crossed the line and assaulted two members of the nursing staff.

“I have to certify this as so serious there is only one penalty I can impose. Those who go to hospital and behave badly need to know they will go to prison and hospital and ancillary staff know we will support them.”

For each of the two assaults she sentenced Denjanovics to two months in prison with the terms to run concurrently.