Attack on Somme mural condemned

Aaron Dowey.
Aaron Dowey.

The Lurgan branch of the PUP have hit out over a recent attack on a mural in the Mourneview estate, which happened on Sunday, October 18.

“The PUP branch in Lurgan would totally and utterly condemn the attack on the mural in the Mourneview estate,” said PUP spokesperson Aaron Dowey, who was quickly on the scene to survey the damage, which he described as minor.

Aaron said: “It is galling to see that completely inoffensive wall art, which serves only to be historical and educational, has been attacked by what seems to be republican youths who clearly know no better.

“This is nothing but a cynical attempt to draw young people from loyalist areas into a spiral of trouble which will do no one any good and we urge loyalist youths not to retaliate.”

Aaron continued, “This attack demonstrates that pan-nationalism still cannot tolerate loyalist culture and sees no place for it.

“Maybe if the leaders of their community spent less time belittling working class unionists and more time trying to foster good relations these attacks would not be taking place.

“We thought community relations were improving in Lurgan but incidents like this are a knock back and maybe that’s what some within pan-nationalism want.

“A town where the two communities are able to work together in harmony clearly does not suit some agendas, the question has to be why?”

Aaron concluded: “Maybe if they {Sinn Fein} spent more time making sure young people of all backgrounds had a good all round knowledge of the history of this country it would show them the futility of these attacks.

“Sinn Fein spend more than enough time talking about unionist outreach but actions speak louder than words and unionists are not seeing any positive impacts.”