‘Aughnacloy-based councillor’ blasted over lingering posters

Cllr Carla Lockhart and Rodney Condell.  INLM2314-4102
Cllr Carla Lockhart and Rodney Condell. INLM2314-4102

An Ulster Unionist council candidate from Lurgan has accused an ‘out-of-town’ councillor of showing disregard to his home town.

The UUP’s Aaron Carson has said that the continued presence of the DUP’s Carla Lockhart’s election posters shows “little respect” for Lurgan people.

He said: “As a proud son of Lurgan I can see these posters from my bedroom window. It’s now over a month since the election, and they should have long since been removed. Indeed by their continued presence they are breaching the law.

“Perhaps it is difficult for Carla to see these posters from as far off as Aughnacloy.”

He added: “However, her team should have done the same thing as Colin McCusker and I by removing our posters soon after the election was over and recycling them.

“Rather than leaving them up as a free advertisement, but an advertisement which not only shows a disregard for the people but which breaches planning laws.”

Aaron, who is also an Officer of the Ulster Unionist Party Upper Bann Association continued: “When they are so blatantly prepared to breach planning regulations, you really have to question whether the DUP are a fit party to take on the increased planning powers which are coming to the new council.

“Not happy with almost losing the third Unionist seat in Lurgan to a nationalist through poor electoral management, a seat which was secured for Unionism by my transfers, Carla is now continuing to show that she cares little for the people of my home town.”