Awards and achievements for Lurgan drama academy pupils

Students from the Class Act Academy.
Students from the Class Act Academy.

Class Act Drama Academy students from the Lurgan studio ‘workshopped’ the curriculum for family and friends on stage in Lurgan Town Hall.

Presentation Days in the Class Act Drama Academy are wonderful showcases for the many skills developed and honed by the students.

Students from the Class Act Academy.

Students from the Class Act Academy.

The students put their vocal and acting talents into practice with scripted plays, improvised plays, music and movement pieces.

Students aged 4–18 years of age enthusiastically took part in the show-case and received a rapturous reception from their audiences.

The atmosphere was electric as students waited excitedly to showcase their dramatic and creative skills.

The 4-8 year-old age group from the Academy’s Lower Primary classes took to the stage first. Parents were intrigued to see how the fast-moving programme and the extensive curriculum would allow each child to develop their dramatic skills in a fun-filled way.

With great energy and vitality, the students began by performing the dynamic introductory activities.

From the start, they demonstrated to their parents how the aims of the Academy to develop confidence, self-esteem and communication skills had certainly worked this term.

This was quickly followed by a demonstration of the speech training which clearly emphasised that this vital element of the curriculum can be enjoyable whilst teaching some very relevant communication skills. The movement skills portion of the presentation clearly showed the students’ development in balance, coordination, spatial awareness and rhythm.

The end of the presentation, and the highlight of their performance, was the specially devised improvised play in which the students had been encouraged to develop their own lines through improvisation and a creative plot.

When the youth theatre came on stage for their performances they were a tremendous endorsement of how much a young person can benefit from the marvellously detailed programme offered by the Class Act Drama Academy.

These young people, aged 11–18, have undergone extensive voice training and acting tuition without the fun ever ending.

They have stretched their existing talents and developed new ones during an action-packed term when they tried their hand at whole class improvisations, scripted plays, monologues and much more besides.

The audience whole-heartedly appreciated the superb performances, the 
energy and the enthusiasm which this class so readily displayed.

At the end, Lisa Semple, Principal of Class Act Drama Academy, presented certificates, medals and trophies to the students and said: “This studio is a great tribute to the Academy and it is wonderful to see our unique self-development programme achieving such creative results in this area.

“It has been fantastic to see the development of the Lurgan children over the course of the term and the support of the parents and schools in the local community has been fantastic. We are very much looking forward to even more creative development next term.”

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