Bank account is raided by cyber thieves

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A LURGAN man has become the latest victim of cyber thieves after his bank account was cleaned out at the weekend.

The victim was Stephen Greenaway who told the ‘MAIL’: “I logged into ‘Banking 365’ (Bank of Ireland’s online banking service) to check that my pay was in at the end of the month.

“When I saw my balance was £55 I thought there must be some mistake, maybe my pay hadn’t gone in.

“I’ve since learned that my pay went in okay but the same day my bank account was used for a Tesco Mobile Top Up, then £600 was withdrawn along with another £1,200 payable to Dell, which must have been for a computer. They tried another transaction but obviously there were insufficient funds.

“I’m told they start off with a small transaction to see if it works, hence the Top Up. Then they’ve gone to town and cleaned me out.”

He added: “Apparently it’s not uncommon. It’s worrying that this sort of thing is happening regularly.”

He added: “I spoke to the bank and police and they couldn’t tell whether they’d hacked my account online or whether the card was skimmed.”

Thankfully Stephen is set to be reimbursed. He said: “All transactions have been confirmed as fraud and I will be getting my money back.”