Banned from driving on tot-up


On the tot up points system a 29-year-old man was banned from driving for six months last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Mark Robert Murphy, Markville, Bleary, admitted driving without insurance on December 13 last year.

He was fined £250 and given six points.

With six points already on his licence he was banned for six months on the tot up system.

The court heard he was stopped on the Bleary Road and asked to produce his insurance.

He later told police there had been an administration error with the insurance company.

A solicitor representing the defendant said Murphy had taken out a new insurance policy and paid for it.

However, he added, there was an issue with the no claims bonus which did not get to the insurance company so they cancelled the policy.

He said that when he was stopped the defendant believed he had an effective insurance policy.