Beginning of the end

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LOCAL band Ending Of The Crisis have proved a subtle change in direction can lead to a new beginning.

The band started out as a full-on heavy metal outfit, but without giving up any of their raw power they’ve retuned themselves as an alternative metal force.

Ending of the Crisis are Ryan McIlmurray on guitar and vocals, Caolan Debry on bass, Anthony Heaney on lead guitar and backing vocals and Declan Toman on drums.

These boys in their late teens have reached the top of NI Chart with Fear Of The Emotion Of Anger off the debut EP Sometimes I Wonder.

The band have been together for a year and a half with Ryan McIlmurray having stepped in to make the berth of singer his own after the band went through a number of frontmen. It’s easy to see why they plumped for Ryan (or Rankus as he’s known to his collaborators). His distinctive vocals are the perfect foil to the band thunderous melodies.

The band, who are managed by Mark McVicar, are influenced by the likes of Fightstar and Alexisonfire.

The band had been declared too loud for several of their practice venues, but it was the title track of the Sometimes I Wonder EP that saw them change their tune.

Ryan said: “When we wrote that song we knew we’d found own sound.

Caolan added: “We used to be heavy metal, but now we’re alternative metal. Sometimes I Wonder was a benchmark. Since then we’ve pushed ourselves to write better and better songs.”

Ryan continued: “The EP seems to have gone down well. We’ve played gigs where the crowd have been singing back the lyrics to us. That’s a great feeling.”

Check out Ending Of The Crisis on their Myspace, Bebo or Facebook pages or see them in action at Fa’ Joe’s Battle of the Bands on Thursday, April 14.