Big plans for the town hall

PLANS are underway to turn Lurgan Town Hall into a concert venue able to attract some of Northern Ireland’s top bands.

The aim is to make the town hall an all-ages venue thus making music available to all and not just those who pass the ID checks at licensed venues.

Craigavon Council are on board with the idea which is being implimented by Dale Williams and Ben Luke of New Level Promotions.

Dale said: “Instead of going into Belfast for big gigs we’re bringing top bands to Lurgan. We’re also responding to the fact that the majority of gigs in Lurgan are happening in bars which means you have to be over 18 to go to them.

“It’s not fair that people under 18 are missing out on great local music because the venues the bands are playing are too far away or they’re too young to get into venues.”

The first gig in Lurgan Town Hall takes place on Friday, January 13 and features Hijacked Empire, Soulful Creatures, Firefly and Escape The City.

Dale added: “The plan is to have a gig every Friday. Doors will be at 7.30pm and the shows will be over at a reasonable time. The gigs are all ages and no alcohol will be sold on the premises. It’s all geared for young people having a safe night out and experience some great music.”

Craigavon Council are keen for the promotions company to maximise the town hall’s potential as a concert venue and have been offering their help, support and advice.

Kate Freeburn, Manager of the Town Hall, said: “A lot of bands play venues where young people cannot attend as they are under age so this way we are offering a venue suitable for all ages as well as an alternative outlet for young people to spend their time at the weekend. It is also a brilliant way to encourage musicians in the area to showcase their talents.”