Big waves from Unquiet Nights

LUKE Mathers is the local lad behind the band Unquiet Nights whose debut album is making big waves.

It’s no surprise that since the release of 21st Century Redemption Songs the band have been getting airplay on Radio One and clocking up thousands of hits on Soundcloud and other internet listening posts.

They’ve also done a live session with Citybeat and supported ex-Snow Patrol man Mark McClelland.

Unquiet Nights claim to be a band with big ideas, big songs and a big sound. Most importantly they now have an album to back up these big claims.

Their debut disc could be mistaken for the seventh or eighth studio album from an established rock outfit given their accomplished sound and mastery of their trade.

As a songwriter, Mathers has travelled a long way... and not just physically by moving to Italy.

His worldly travels and life experience have been bottled in the form of some impressive songs, with drummer Rodger Firmin and bass player John Rossi adding flesh to the bones of Mathers’ stories.

Think Paul Weller fronting the Rolling Stones and you’re not far from Unquiet Nights sound.

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