‘Biggest winners are the lawyers’ says Simpson

THE biggest winners in the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry have been the lawyers, DUP MP David Simpson has said.

Noting the findings that there was ‘no evidence’ of state involvement in the death of Mrs Nelson he pointed out: “I also note that the cost of this exercise is projected to be in excess of £45million. It would seem as though, as has been the case in other inquiries of this nature, the biggest winners have not been those affected or the wider community, but rather the lawyers.

“This Inquiry has confirmed what most people already knew – namely that the allegations of RUC collusion were simply incorrect. Those of us who lived through the darkest days of the Troubles know of the extraordinary bravery of both the RUC and military personnel.

“We know too of their dedication and terrible sacrifice in defence of our freedoms.

“Indeed as the Member of Parliament for Upper Bann I feel that now is a good day to enquire of the Government as to its stance on the security force personnel killed and wounded in this part of Northern Ireland and the fact that they were exposed to danger and death as a result of the direct role played by the Dublin government in the formation, financing, training and arming of the Provisional IRA and for making the South a safe haven for terrorists for many years. When will the UK government insist that Dublin steps up to the mark and accepts its responsibility?

“In the past the government gave assurances that locally there were to be no more costly, open-ended inquires into past events. I trust that they will stand by their word on that front. As a community we can go in two directions: we can say there will be no more costly inquiries of this kind, or we can grant inquiries into every single past event in Northern Ireland, where everyone, not just the army or the police, will be made to give account for their actions.

“What we cannot tolerate is a few high profile cases receiving lavish amounts of government largesse and attention, whilst victims of other incidents are left isolated or ignored. At this time my thoughts are with the families of those who lost loved ones and who have never received any government or media attention.

“The DUP will continue to fight to ensure fairness and equality prevails and I urge to government to resist the calls for any further inquiries of this nature. They will achieve nothing other than to exacerbate the already strong sense of injustice that exists within the community at the disproportionate attention certain cases have received.”