Bins being stolen and set alight

Carla Lockhart MLA.
Carla Lockhart MLA.

Police have been asked to step up patrols after several bins were stolen and set alight in the Mourneview area.

Local MLA Carla Lockhart has said the thefts have to stop.

She said: “It’s a dangerous criminal activity and one that could cause severe damage to property.

“A number of bins have been stolen in the Mourneview area and set alight.”

Ms Lockhart added: “It would appear that a group of individuals think it is humorous to commit this type of criminal activity.

“To steal a bin from a household and set it on fire is a dangerous activity and one that must be stopped by the PSNI.

“These people involving themselves in this type of behaviour need to face the consequences of the law.

“My fear is that a young person could be seriously injured or that a property could take with causing untold damage abs potential loss of life.

“I have asked the PSNI to increase patrols in the area. I am also pleased that a number of people have came forward with information concerning those involved in this activity and to highlight areas where large groups are congregating.

“Anyone with any information please come forward and report it. Also please be vigilant and keep a particular eye on your elderly neighbours. I would also thank the Council for their assistance in this regard.”