Black Friday chaos at Tesco

Black Friday could have been more appropriately named Black Eye Friday after chaotic scenes in the Craigavon Tesco store.

As the sales opened at midnight bargain hunters descended like a plague of locusts and in some cases good sense - never mind good manners - went out the window.

In several instances captured on video tug of war battles ensued over flatscreen TVs with several people battling it out for the same item.

Our video - kindly submitted by Paul Kanis-Dickson - shows clearly one such dispute. Indeed at one stage police were on the scene, although, at this stage, they say they have no reports of any incidents.

In one instance a woman was taken to hospital with an arm injury, a female relative was also thrown to the ground and stomped on - more on this in out print edition.

A spokesman for Tesco said: “Over 600 Tesco stores across Great Britain and Northern Ireland have Black Friday offers available in store. We always take guidance from police authorities on security measures in stores and we’ll work closely with them to make any improvements for next year.”

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