Boiler scheme is extended

THE extension of boiler replacement grants to lone pensioners has been welcomed by a Craigavon councillor.

The scheme was announced by Housing Minister Nelson McCausland.

The DUP’S Carla Lockhart said: “The scheme will now be open to those aged 70 or over, in receipt of Lone Pensioners Allowance and with a boiler aged 15 years or older, in addition to those already eligible.

“I welcome the fact that this extension has widened the scope for the pilot scheme to include many more vulnerable people.

“Without doubt the elderly have been experiencing the worst effects of fuel poverty and the money set aside for this scheme will help target this vulnerable group of people by installing much more efficient boilers resulting in less money being needed to heat their homes”.

“With the rising price of fuel, and energy, and as we approach what we are told is going to be a harsh winter it is vitally important to get the message out about heating schemes available such as the Boiler Replacement Scheme or the Warm Homes Scheme.”