‘Bomb’ and guns found near Lurgan

GUNS and a ‘suspected explosive device’ have been found during searches near Lurgan.

A two day operation by police investigating serious crime recovered the guns and device on Monday night.

The area around the Cornakinnegar and Liscorran Road areas close to the motorway bridge on the road to Aghagallon was closed for most of Sunday and Monday.

According to a PSNI spokeswoman, two guns and the possible bomb were found and removed for further examination.

Craigavon Mayor Carla Lockhart said: “This is a very alarming turn of events and I would commend the PSNI for their swift action in tracking these devices and removing them from society.

“As Mayor of this Borough I would utterly condemn any such activity and can say with certainty that the vast majority of people are not supportive of this type of activity. I would urge anyone with any information to come forward to the PSNI and report it.”

SDLP Upper Bann MLA Dolores Kelly has commended police for their work in discovering and confiscating two guns and a bomb in Lurgan.

“This is a very welcome development and I am pleased that these dangerous items have been taken off the streets. I urge people to be vigilant for any suspicious activity in their areas and to pass any information they may have to the police or Crimestoppers as a matter of priority.”

Alderman Stephen Moutray said: “This is a very sinister happening within the Borough and I would commend the PSNI for their swift and effective operation in locating these devices. These people involving themselves in such activity have no place in our society and I for one want to see them face the full rigours of the law. These devices have the ability if used to kill and maim innocent people which is totally unacceptable. I would encourage anyone with information to come forward to the PSNI and report it immediately.”

Ulster Unionist Cllr Colin McCusker praised police for the find.

“I would like to congratulate the Police for this success in finding a bomb and weapons in the Liscorran Road and Cornakinnegar Road areas of Lurgan.

“Police have appealed for anyone who noticed suspicious activity in the areas to contact them and I would re-iterate that appeal, because without the support of local knowledge, the police will struggle to build on this major achievement.

“Clearly there are still those within our community who are intent on returning to terrorism. It is absolutely vital that the police are given whatever resources they require to eradicate those who are intent on engaging in this sort of activity. I condemn those responsible for engaging in terrorist activity wherever they may come from.”