Breaking: Dog found in bin after attempted theft


A Craigavon dog owner has issued an urgent warning to other owners following an attempt to steal her pet.

Aislinn Mullin said: “My shih tzu was in my front garden I turned away to go on the phone, turned back and she was gone!

“Someone stole her from my garden!”

The theft sparked a frantic search for the pet, fortunately she was found safe and well - after being thrown in a bin.

Aislinn said: “We went around everywhere looking for her, I was shouting her name all over. A little girl on the estate who was trying to help find her heard a dog crying and followed the sound.

“She found her collar and jumper soaking. I then found her in a wheelie bin near were the collar was. They had dumped her in it when they heard the girl coming.

“We didn’t catch them or get to see them! The wet stuff on her jumper and collar I thought smelled like pee, Bella is usually a hyper pup but now keeps looking out the window and is scared and very quiet.”

Of her feelings following the incident Aislinn said: “We’re all very shaken.”