Bridge needs resurfacing work

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A major tidy up of a bridge in Craigavon has been requested by a local councillor.

Robert Smith of the DUP wants to see the footbridge that crosses over from Clonmeen to Legahory, better known as the ‘Curly Bridge’, resurfaced. He’s also calling for a trimming of the undergrowth beside the bridge.

Councillor Smith said: “It has been talked about now for a number of years and nothing has been done on the bridge.

“It desperately needs to be resurfaced and the railings painted to upgrade the footbridge.

“I am hoping that this time DRD who is responsible for the bridge take on board the residents’ views and give the bridge the makeover it deserves.

“After speaking to Roads Service, they have agreed to investigate what needs to be done, there is an issue of what equipment can go on the bridge but I would be hopeful that the work will be done which will benefit those who use it. I have also requested that the out-of-control undergrowth beside the bridge be cleared away on the Legahory side of the bridge; it is unsightly and makes the area unsafe.”

Councillor Smith added: “The DSD cut back a lot of undergrowth along the Drumgor Road a while back and was an excellent job, it is unfortunate that they stopped short on both sides of the footbridge on the Legahory side.

“By very nature of the undergrowth and how out-of-control it is, it encourages bottles and rubbish to be discarded into the undergrowth.

“The path leading to the bus stop from the bridge is being kept clear by members of the local Presbyterian church who litter pick a few bin bags of rubbish each week, they have cut back some of the undergrowth which was growing out unto the path.

“I commend them for their diligence and showing leadership, but if the shrubbery is culled back and thinned out it makes the task much easier to manage.”