Brown bin scheme for extra 4,000 households

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Over the next few weeks Craigavon Borough Council is delivering a further 4,000 brown bins to the remaining households in the area who do not already have one.

The delivery of the bins will be phased with the fortnightly collections starting week beginning 
November 17.

Information leaflets including a calendar will also be posted to each household throughout the borough to let them know what day their brown bin will be collected on, for the majority of residents this will be on the same day as their green bin. Blue and green bin collections remain the same.

Vice-Chair of environmental services committee, Alderman Gladys McCullough said, “It is great news that the last phase of the brown bin scheme has now started. Adding this phase into the current routes will allow us to streamline bin collections further. Council is aiming towards a dedicated ‘recycling day’ when all brown bins will be emptied on the same day as the green bin. Inside the information leaflet sent to each household will be a calendar for the year including holiday arrangements – so it is important to keep this letter safe.

I encourage every householder to make full use of their brown bin and help keep the rates down.”

The brown bins also come with internal kitchen caddies – a small container for the kitchen, acting as a reminder and making it easier for people to recycle their kitchen waste. Biodegradable bags help the caddies stay clean – again making it simpler for the householder.

The council says takes its recycling responsibilities “very seriously and is very successful in working with local residents”. By collecting both food and vegetation waste in the brown bin and by treating, recycling and turning this type of waste into compost, council reduces the amount of material it sends to landfill which ultimately means savings for the ratepayers.

If you have any queries regarding the brown bin scheme go to where you can check your new brown bin collection day or contact Waste Management at the Central Service Depot on 028 3833 9031 and they will be happy to help.